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(8) Đậu Lém Phiêu Lưu Ký
(8) Đậu Lém Phiêu Lưu Ký

Dau Lem adventure diary is a great integration between entertainment and education. With 5 parts corresponding to 5 levels of the primary class, the children like to be transformed into the character Dau Lem to experience exciting adventures through math exercises that follow the textbook program of the Ministry of Education. Education and training.
Vivid images, many close cartoon characters will help Dau Lem become a companion in the learning process of children.
5th Grade Math Content
In Team 4, the mother turtle brought Dau Lem ashore, but on this strange beach, Dau Lem only saw a strange temple and a kind old man. He said, This is the Temple of Alleys, 5 small doors will lead to 5 different countries, each place must find a key to open the big door back home…
1. Door 1: The Land of Persia – Review calculations with fractions, mixed numbers, review math problems, problems about units of measurement of length, volume, and area.
2. Door 2: Fairy Forest – Learn and do math with decimals.
3. Door 3: Land of Pyramids – How to calculate perimeter, area of triangle, trapezoid, circle, box, how to calculate volume of rectangular box, cube…
4. Gate 4: Islands – Problems of velocity and uniform motion.
5. Door 5: Vietnamese countryside – Review.
* No need for textbooks, each section has short, easy-to-remember lessons to help students learn on their own.
* In addition to hundreds of calculation exercises, there are more than 150 math problems with words to help children practice solving math problems and refer to solutions.
Free support with the first chapter – Only buy when really like
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* Phone: 0937 846 000 VND

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